Best Beginner Indoor Drones

It’s great to fly drones outside, but when space is limited or the weather is bad , indoor drones can be a great way to escape from the boredom and help lift your spirits, you can still fly a small drone with some practice and relish in your living room. Indoor drones are also ideal for kids as they can be safely flown at indoors under the watchful eye of adults. They make great, fun gifts for the little, teenager or adult who wants to get into drone flying, a beginner-friendly indoor drone is a great start.

Obviously, if you’re flying a drone in an enclosed area such as your living room, there’s more chance of collisions or wreckings than flying in a larger, open field outside. And a mini drone does help avoid the collisions for indoors as it runs smoothly and is easy even for beginners kids and adults to set up and learn, pilots can adjust the speed as they prefer, so that it doesn't accidentally hit the people in the house, walls or other projects.

Now, you may be confused by the large number of options on the market, varying in price, build quality, cameras, etc. Therefore, we rounded up some top indoor drones available for you. 

The first one is the star in our family-A20 mini drone, an entry-level drone for freshman and trainning. Simply insert the battery and press the calibration button, and the drone is ready. With the One Key Start and Altitude Hold, even a beginner can fly this drone within few minutes and get stable flight. The A20 has 3 flight speed modes - slow, medium and fast, so you can challenge your skills as you prefer. The propeller guards design also ensure the safety during the flight, this would be a perfect drone for indoors practice and test.

And if you prefer the night flights or would like to choose a more charming gifts for littles, here we also got some LED-enhanced mini drones covered, like the drone A22 and A31,  apart from the basic features similar to A20 drone, these drones are configured with colorful LED lights and 360° flip function, so you can create your own dazzling flight tricks - even in the dark! 

For a higher investment the A20W or the A21 would be a ideal options for pilots, which add a 720P camera and bring much fun than the basic drone.  First let's take a look at A20W drone, it's a drone with 720P camera, and the ready-to-go features make it an excellent camera drone for little wannabe film directors. Just pair the drone and your phone, and finish the calibration, you'll view what the drone capturing from the app. The Headless Mode allow you to pilot the drone without worrying about direction - in Headless Mode, the drone will always go the direction you point the control stick.

The A21 battle drone is designed for competition with an all new infrared emission module and 360°sensing infrared module. Comes with 2 drones in one package, you can compete against your friends to see who can force the other drone to land and enjoy the gaming fund . It’s an aerial “dogfight” with drones! It's equipped with upgraded all-round protection guards. Durable and more resistant to crashing, this little drone is safe for indoor and outdoor flight. The two drone batteries which will give you about 14 minutes of flight time before a recharge is needed. Besides,the compact designed drone body of A21 can easily put in your pocket and carry it anywhere. 

For those who would like use the drone on-the-go, here we recommend our new member—P4 foldable drone. Foldable design, configured with a 1080P camera, the dual batteries provide up to 40min flight time, it's great to take with you and fly while on-the-go! It is a small camera drone best suited to indoor flight by any kids old enough to remember to attach the propellor guards before take off. In terms of controls, there are three speed modes, altitude hold, and assorted flips to play with.