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What You Want to Know about DREAMER

What You Want to Know about DREAMER

fengbella |

General Questions


What are the differences between DREAMER 4K and other Potensic drones?

Different from the products we have released in the past, the DREAMER with 4K camera has been upgraded to a great extent both in appearance and firmware. The stability of performance has also been improved to a new level.


What's in the package?

The package includes the Potensic Dreamer with 4K camera, a remote controller, 2 extra pairs of propellers, a smart battery, a drone charger and AC cable, a USB charging cable for remote control and a user manual.


What should I attend to, after getting the drone?


  1. Please read the Quick Start and the User Manual first.
  2. Please fully recharge the drone and the remote controller before every flying.
  3. Please calibrate the drone, compass and gyro before taking off in an open and GPS covered environment without electromagnetic interference.
  4. Drone tail should face the user when flying.
  5. Please do not get close to the drone when propellers are working.



Does Dreamer 4K have any internal storage?

No, you need a Micro SD card to save your footage. Dreamer 4K package doesn’t include a Micro SD card, so please purchase a Micro SD card with the storage of 4G-256G, transmission speed of class10 and above.


Does Potensic Dreamer 4K have safety protection?

Dreamer 4K’s barometric height setting along with its GPS helps positioning and flight stability. Under the GPS mode, the drone will auto fly back when it is low power, weak in signal.


What’s the size of the smart phone can the remote control hold?

Compatible phone sizes: max 11mm thick and no more than 178mm long.


Drone App “PotensicPro”


Where can I find the drone App?

Please search and download the drone App “PotensicPro” in your Google Play or Apple Store. Compatible with Android 5.0+ or iOS 9.0+ smart phone.


What should I do when first use the App?

When first use the App, you need to register to this App with your mailbox and set password. Then you can login the App and start operate the quadcopter with it.

Note: For the first time you log in the App, please keep your phone data network on, and enter map interface to start map data catching.


How to connect the drone with the App?

Turn on the drone, then search the drone WiFi named "Potensic D_xxxxxx" on your phone, enter the default WiFi password "12345678" to connect it.


How do I update Potensic’s firmware?

When you connect to PotensicPro, the app will automatically check the current firmware and alert you if an update is available.




What’s Potensic Dreamer 4K camera information?

Potensic Dreamer has a 13MP 1/3 inch Sony CMOS sensor (90° adjustable lens).


What resolution does Dreamer 4K camera support?

You can shoot up to 4K 3840*2160P images and 2.7K 2688x1522P videos with 30fps.


Is the picture or video shooting stable?

With 4 shock absorbing balls between the camera and drone, plus the altitude hold function, Dreamer 4K can shoot very smooth live videos and capture clear images.


Flight Environment 


What should I pay attention to in the flight environment?


  1. Keep away from buildings and trees, as GPS signals may be interfered, so the accurate landing and RTH may fail.
  2. Please stay away from dangerous environments such as airports, railways, highways, high buildings and electric wires.
  3. Please do not use drones in bad weather such as strong winds, heavy snow, heavy rain or fog.
  4. When flying the drone, please keep away from the electromagnetic interference environment such as mobile phone base station and high-power transmission equipment.





How long can Dreamer 4K fly for?

Fully charged, Dreamer 4K provides up to 31 minutes flight time.


How long does it take to charge?

Using the equipped Potensic Dreamer 4K unique fast charger, one battery can be fully charged only in 120 minutes.




What to avoid when the drone enters ATTI(altitude) mode?

Do not fly the drone near buildings, communication base stations, car repair factories, buildings, etc. These places usually have strong radio wave radiation and strong magnetic field interference, which adversely affect the remote control communication, GPS signals, and compass of the drone. The drone will enter ATTI mode automatically when the drone loses GPS signal in flight or the compass has interference. Please fly the drone in an open area and far away from this interference environment.


Drone’s Registration


Does the drone need FAA registration?

Yes, It definitely needs. You must register your drone according to the rules you follow in your country when you fly it.

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