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The Best Gift on This Father’s Day

The Best Gift on This Father’s Day

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For parents' love, we always feel grateful to our mothers and be thankful for what they did for us. We are taught to send flowers and gifts to moms on Mother’s Day, but what’s for our dads? Father’s Day is officially upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your dad.


A dad has to be tough, strong, and brave, he is superman in our family. However, we can’t deny that dads are typically one of the hardest family members to shop for. They always seem to have so many interests, yet finding something they don't already own can be a challenge. Even though, buying a DREAMER as a gift won’t be wrong if you have a tech-savvy father.


Intelligent Calibration


Calibration is the biggest headache for most of the pilots. Many people fail to fly because of complex operations before taking off every time. DREAMER 4K is totally different. Calibrate once, no more repeated steps within the distance of 186.4mile(300km) at the following flight. Even if your father is a beginner, he can easily get it right and fly quickly.


4K Camera with Sony Sensor


DREAMER comes with a 4K camera with auto-exposure function, it can shoot 4K high-quality photos and film-level videos, enabling you to capture videos or images with better photosensitivity and color fidelity. With it, your father can record the scenery or take selfies, share the drone shots with his friends, and boost his social media.


31 Mins Longer Flight


Many of our team had been involved with drones in the past, but we were always struck by how impractical they are for real-world use. One of the most criticized issues is the short flight time. If a professional with proficient skills already, he/she may be able to make full use of the limited 10 mins. However, for those beginners, learning how to take off may cost them over 10 mins, let alone to experience aerial captures. DREAMER 4K is equipped with advanced 3000mAh 4S intelligent battery, providing up to 31 minutes of flight time with 2 hours fast charge. Your father will get his fill of aerial race.


Flying for Fun

Most fathers must feel vacant and bored when they get retired, then it’s the time for you to help them cultivate an interest to maintain their social connections. Flying a drone is a good choice. Owning a drone, your father can join the pilot groups and expand his entertainment circle. If he doesn’t want to fly outdoors, he can also fly in the backyard and enjoy the moments with the children or neighbors. Besides, there is a need for good hand-eye coordination to fly a drone, which can better improve the flexibility of the human body and defer senescence. It is extremely important for the elders.


Whatever you decide to get this Father's Day, we at Potensic hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

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