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The Types of Drones You Can Choose

The Types of Drones You Can Choose

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Before thinking about buying a drone, the first thing you need to do is choose which drone you want to buy. A newbie should purchase a simple drone that's easy to fly and doesn't require too much knowledge. If you are still getting comfortable with the regular handling of a drone, you should try to avoid expensive ones that require better features. If your budget allows and skilled, an advanced easy to fly drone will be a good choices. And just as the different levels of the pilot, the drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today, we're going to look at a number of the most popular types that are available.

Mini Drones

Mini drones may be the first choice for most beginner pilots. They are easy to set up and control, just simply insert the battery and power it on, you can operate freely at anytime anywhere, and Potensic A20 mini drone is the one that you can pick as a starter drone, the altitude hold function helps keeps the drone stable both inside and outside, and one-key take off and landing controls allow you to grasp the basics of drone flying in short time.

potensic mini starter drone a20


Micro Drones

Micro drones, they are compact indeed and rich in features. They can fit in your palm, camera packed , and you would use an app installed on a smartphone or tablet to control them and use your smartphone or tablet's screen as a viewfinder. It also comes with some fun features,¬†can do things like flips or combat,rolls mid-air. In this category, the 2K Foldable Camera Drone ELFIN would be perfect for you.¬†Light, Compact, and Portable. The Elfin can be taken and flown most anywhere. It's¬†rapid, responsive and highly manoeuvrable flier ‚Äď particularly when in the fastest of its three propeller speeds, when it zips around and changes direction impressively,¬†Indoors, or outdoors , the Elfin does a decent job of maintaining a fixed position when hovering, it should be a perfect companion for recording and flying.

potensic drone elfin with 2k camera

Medium Drones&Compact Drones

Medium drones are typically around 40 centimeters in length and usually have a better performance, longer light time, and higher grade camera. They're often WiFi enabled, you can see what the drone see with a smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi connectivity. Medium-sized drones are the most popular type of drone for aerial photography,  like the drone T25 and D58, which help you capture beautiful images of landscapes and monuments from above.

drone t25 with 2k camera

Compact quadrocopters are the next step up in size and price from medium drones.They tend to be used for outdoor usings, with compact foldable design,  These usually have brushless motors which provide more power and efficiency than standard motors, like the drone D68,  a full-featured drone that can fold up neatly into a compact and portable shape. Equipped with a 28-minute flight time, foldable design, 4K HD video, and the smart flight system, it provides users with a simplified flying experience.

foldable drone d68 with 4k camera

Large Drones

Large drones are the next step up from medium-sized drones and tend to stand at around 70 centimeters in length. They're often connected with WiFi or OTG Camera and fitted with a single or 3-axis gimbal camera and used for high definition video and photography. These types of drone often have an extended flight time of 28 to 31 minutes or more, which is why they're preferred by intermediate pilots and professionals. If you would like to choose a large drone, the DREAMER PRO would be the best chioce for you among our portfilio, its dedicated 3-axis tilt gimbal, brilliant 4K camera, 2km HD video transmission and 28-mins flight time, make it perfect for your ambitious aerial photography projects.No frequent charging and repeated calibration needed, you can have more time to take your travel videos and snaps to the next level with the DREAMER PRO. 

drone dreamer pro with 3 axis gimbal camera

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