How do you pick the first drone

Are you looking to buy your first drone? Nowadays, there are lots of influencers posting their mountaineering adventure, hiking, parachute, or jumping videos on social media to share their life. These difficult-to-take videos are all shot with quadcopter’s assistance, so, are you excited? I believe that whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer, Vlogger or simply a hobbyist, let’s be honest—there are few fun things in life than owning your own drone. Right? Everyone deserves a drone to record their life. So, in the passage, I gonna give you some advice on how to choose your own first drone.


Before you start browsing through spec and feature lists, consider what you'd like to do with a drone, or perhaps how much money you plan to spend. Are you going to have some fun around the living room and garden? Or do you prefer to fly to the outdoors and shoot beautiful photographs? Once you've made a decision on a priority, you're ready to start picking a drone.


Drone for beginners


Beginner drones are often cheap and easy to master because they offer less complex functions. If you are looking for a drone toy for your little kid, I suggest you buy her/him a hand control drone-infrared sense control drone. They are super easy to operate. Just one hand to control this kinds of drone to adjust its flying directions of the drone, which can also cultivate children's hands-on ability and intelligence. 


Here are some specs you may need to care when you choose drone for beginners:


Altitude hold: Some 2.4G remote control drone with altitude hold can be a good choice for beginners. Because the first thing every new drone owner worries about is flight safety. No one wants to be the person who crashes their drone on a maiden flight. Drone with altitude function make player worry free the flying height, the only thing you need to focus is caring about the flight direction. 


Headless mode: It can be difficult to start flying drones for beginners. Some drones offer headless mode. This means that when you press the joystick in one direction, the drone will move in that direction relative to you rather than the direction the joystick is pointing.


a20 mini drone                                                        d18 drone with camera


Drone for professional pilot


If you are good at flying a drone or have some talent on operating a drone. I suggest you buy a GPS drone with camera. GPS drones are much expensive and feature with more fun functions. It can precisely locate your drone through GPS, and complete intelligent auto-return in case of emergency. Even if the drone is lost, the user can also find the drone through the last location of the drone on the drone App map.


Here are some specs you may need to care when you choose drone for professional pilot:


Battery life: If you want to record your long time journey outside by drone with camera, you may need large capacity battery. Even on the best models, flight times between charges struggle to surpass 30 minutes. Of course, you can always carry an extra battery—but if you think you might be doing this, make sure to include the cost of spare batteries in the total price of the option that you're considering.


Range: A drone's range tells you how far from you it can fly away before you lose control of it. More expensive and professional-level drones have longer ranges. No matter how far your drone can stray, bear in mind that you should be keeping your drone in sight at all times anyway.


Brushless motors: A brushless drone provides more power and faster speed than a brushed drone. Also, it costs more than brushed ones. But the brushless drone offers quieter operation and possesses a longer lifespan, which means you won't have to replace them as often.


Camera: If you want high-quality footage as much as possible, the camera specs should be a big consideration. So make sure to look for the high resolution camera. Most decent-size models (not including toy drones) now come with a built-in camera, but some leave you the option of attaching your own.


d58 gps drone                                                 d88 foldable drone with camera


In fact, there are still some people who have some requirements in terms of flight fun function such as following, circling shooting or points of interest. Most of GPS drones support these functions. I will not explain them here any more. So, by now have you had a rough idea about the purchase of drones? I really hope everyone can buy a drone that they like and suits them.

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