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Battle Drones - The P7 is Designed For Combat!

Battle Drones - The P7 is Designed For Combat!

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Love the thrill of battling spaceships in video games?Let our newest member battle drone P7  bring it to life, configured with infrared sensor and many easy-control features, allows you dart and speed through the air freely. 

Unique Infrared Battle Drone

The P7 drone is designed for competition with an all new infrared emission module and 360°sensing infrared module. You can compete against your friends to see who can force the other drone to land. It’s an aerial “dogfight” with drones! It is a toy that allows you to dogfight in the air with two of the drones. It has an IR sensor that picks up "shots" from the other drone and makes the drone shake when it's shot. After three hits, the drone goes down. This is a unique and fun way to learn to fly line-of-sight with a toy drone and become a better pilot. 

User-friendly Features

Simply insert the battery and press the calibration button, and the drone is ready to go. With the One Key Start and Altitude Hold, even a beginner can fly this drone within few minutes and get the stable flight. Headless Mode allows you to pilot the drone without worrying about direction - in Headless Mode, the drone will always go the direction you point the control stick! The P7 drone  also has different speed modes, it can fly in low, medium, and high speed, so you can challenge your skills as you become a better pilot.

720P FPV Camera

FPV cameras have become pretty much a standard in many small and big drones today. That’s why the P7 comes with a good FPV camera that can capture the footage. Download the app, and you you can view the aerial video footage in real-time, as it happens. With the Gesture Control,  you can take a picture with a “YEAH” gesture and start to record the video with the "PALM" .The 720P camera and the ready-to-go features make it an excellent camera drone for little wannabe film directors.


Long Flight Time and Durable

The P7  comes with 2 drone batteries which will give you about 20mins of flight time before a recharge is needed. Equipped with upgraded all-round protection guards. Durable and more resistant to crashing, this little drone is safe for indoor and outdoor flight,so it's great for kids or grown ups just starting out in the RC drone hobby.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Potensic P7, you can SHOP HERE!


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