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Drones for Aerial Photography

Drones for Aerial Photography

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Nowadays various feature-packed drones open hundreds of amazing possibilities to create wonderful photos and videos, and gives access to unique perspectives and frames that would have previously been impossible or far too expensive for the average.  Before the introduction of drones, aerial photography was carried out from balloons, blimps, and dirigibles. Also fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, kites, pigeons, rockets, telescope or unmanned aerial vehicles, and vehicle-mounted poles. But now with a drone,  you’ll discover transformed landscapes and stunning views from a bird’s-eye view at ease

The most unique drone techniques is to shoot straight down. This can result in powerful photographs and helps you see the world from all round, you can not only see the landscape, but also see patterns and formations you didn’t know were there, this makes its way cooler, experiential and much more fun.

If you are planning to get into the world of drone flying for shooting purposes or otherwise, there is a great need to pick up and understand the drones, and following are the some models we recommend for you.


  1. For Beginners


The feature-filled A20W is an excellent camera drone for little and starters wannabe film directors. The top speed can be changed from slow to dragonfly quick with a simple tap of a button on the controller. A20W would be a great choice if you’re keen on taking up aerial videography and photography. Available in 2 colors-Black and Orange. For those who would like use the drone on-the-go, here we recommend our P4 foldable drone. Foldable design, configured with a 1080P camera, the dual batteries provide up to 40min flight time, it's great to take with you and fly while on-the-go! It is a small camera drone best suited to indoor flight by any kids old enough to remember to attach the propeller guards before take off. In terms of controls, there are three speed modes, altitude hold, and assorted flips to play with.


  1. For intermediates

When you step further in aerial photography after practice, a medium drone with a better camera may be perfect for you. GPS-enabled Camera Drone P5 packs a lot of electronics in bundle, now the 2.7K and 4K one are both available. It’s responsive and a speedy flier. It would be a good choice for intermediate fliers who wanna challenge their skills to become a better pilot. It’s a beginner drone that may help novices gain confidence in flying, and smart and resilient enough to endure mistakes and misjudgments.


  1. For the skilled

When you have full confidence with your flying skilled, the large drones are the next step up from medium-sized drones. They're often connected with WiFi or OTG cables and fitted with a single or 3-axis gimbal camera and used for high definition video and photography. These types of drone often have an extended flight time of 28 to 31 minutes or more, which is why they're preferred by intermediate pilots and professionals. If you would like to choose a large drone, the DREAMER PRO would be the best chioce for you among our portfolio, its dedicated 3-axis tilt gimbal, brilliant 4K camera, 2km HD video transmission and 28-mins flight time, make it perfect for your ambitious aerial photography projects.No frequent charging and repeated calibration needed, you can have more time to take your travel videos and snaps to the next level with the DREAMER PRO.


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