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Potensic Announces a New Flagship Drone ATOM SE

ATOM SE is a Compact, Lighter, Simpler Version of the New Flagship ATOM Series.

Potensic, today announced the drone ATOM SE is now available on and, a tiny drone that features a 31-mins flight time and a 4K camera. It is geared toward professional drone pilots and innovators looking for a better visual experience for a budget-friendly cost. ATOM SE will be the go-to drone for point-of-view capture thanks to its compact size and high performance.

Weighing under 250g (8.8oz/0.55lbs), the ATOM SE supports 4K-resolution video capture at 30fps and 12MP stills and offers up to 31 minutes of flight time. The folding design that packs up small enough to fit into a jacket pocket, makes it ideal for any on-the-go trip.

ATOM SE is completed with:

 -Sony 12MP CMOS Sensor- capable of shooting 12MP photos in JPG and RAW(DNG) formats and 4K HD video at 30fps.
-ShakeVanish™ EIS Technology -keep your footage steady even helps cut out the wobble from the outer environments, making aerial photography more stable and smooth during capture.
-Less than 249g -measures 300x242x58 mm in its unfolded form, The weight gets it in just under the wire in most countries for avoiding the need to register with the local Aviation Administration, like FAA.
-4KM Transmission Range-control range is up to 4 km/13,123ft, the Pixsync 2.0™ technology ensures consistent, smooth video in most shooting conditions. You can fly the drone 4km away from you while transmitting 720P HD video.
 -SurgeFly™ Flight Control-The Upgraded SurgeFly™ Flight Control System offers pilots a reliable flying control experience. It has 3 flight modes - Video, Normal, and Sport, and can accelerate to the top speed of 16m/s in just 2.8s.
-Smarter Positioning System-The precise GPS system provides optimized navigation to the aircraft, in combination with a Downward Vision Positioning Sensors and a ToF sensor to help achieve high-precision positioning and more stable control when flying indoors or in a GPS-denied environment.
-Durable Smart Li-ion- fly for up to 31 minutes per charge, this lets you fly more and charge less.

The ATOM SE uses Potensic latest Potensic PixSync 2.0™ technology for low-latency digital video in HD. With the help of the upgraded SurgeFly™ Flight Control System and ShakeVanish™ Technology, drone pilots will get a terrific flying experience and be able to make every aerial shot smooth and steady.

SurgeFly™ flight control system provides pilots with a reliable flight control experience. There are 3 flight modes - Video, Normal and Sport - allowing you to challenge your skills as you become a better pilot. In Sport mode, the max speed can be up to 16m/s in 2.8s. 

ATOM SE is available now on and for $299.99(Fly More Combo), and $249.99 for Standard Kit, a $30 off discount is available now for Potensic Subscribers, with wider retail availability coming soon.

 "ATOM SE is an important step in our strategy to leverage Potensic's core visual technology to produce derivative products that address the needs of customers," said Potensic's Founder and CEO, Jason Yun." ATOM SE delivers great image quality and performance in a lightweight body that is ideal for on-the-go aerial photography."

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