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Tips for Filming with a Drone

Tips for Filming with a Drone

Potensic Official |

Filming with a drone is cool, it can bring a lot of fun and can record and create some wow footage from different perspectives. However, it's not easy to capture the stunning footage from the air, here are some guidelines for you to get started:

Choose a suitable drone: The first and most important thing is the drone itself, to get a vivid aerial capturing, you need a drone that with a HD Camera and can fly smoothly. Here we highly recommend our latest sub-250g foldable drone ATOM SE Fly More Combo, it's quipped with a Sony 12MP CMOS sensor that it's capable of shooting 12MP photos in JPG and RAW(DNG) formats and 4K HD video at 30fps. The 118° FOV and a vertical +20° to -90° camera adjustment angle enable you to capture more scenes. The exclusive ShakeVanish electronic stabilization tech helps reduce the wobble from the outside, making aerial shooting more stable and smooth. The total 62mins(2 batteries) flight time allows you have more time to capture the moments. You can't go wrong with the ATOM SE

Practice and get familiar with the drone: Read the instructions or tutorial videos before flying your drone and get familiar with the controls. Practice makes perfect, practice flying in an open fileds to get comfortable with its movement and controls, with practice and patience, you can create amazing footage with your drone. And to help you use the drone better, we also prepared drones tutorials for most of our models, the ATOM SE, DREAMER PRO...are all covered, for more, please visit and check on via @Potensic.

Find a suitable place: Look for an open field that with less or without interferences, it's not recommended to fly around crowded areas, tall buildings or trees, concrete brigdes, and airports... as GPS signals will be blocked by buildings(walls), and will degrade the GPS accuracy. Also make sure that you are permitted to fly the drone in the location you have chosen.

Fully charge the battery: Most consumer drones battery can last for 15-31mins per charge. So to make sure the filming can run smoothly, fully charged the drone batteries before you start filming. Do not forget to bring some extra batteries in case you need to swap them out.

Set up the camera: Adjust the camera settings to get the best footage possible. Set the resolution and frame rate according to your needs.

Plan the script: Plan the shot you want to capture in advance. Know how you're going to frame the subjects of your film.Think about the scenes,shooting angle, height, and movement of the drone, use the camera tilt and rotation to capture more scenes.

Check the flying conditions: When the above things are confirmed, then you need to check the weather conditions. Open the UAV Forcast app, and check weather conditions before the flying, go ahead if the weather is good. Avoid flying your drone in high winds or rain, as it may lead to a sudden crash or out-of-control.

Fly the drone smoothly: Make sure a stable and smooth flight, avoid sudden changes in altitude and direction. Do not fly at high speed and try to use slow and gentle movements to avoid jerky shots. 

Edit the footage: Edit the videos materials you captured, remove your unwanted shots and improve the quality of the footage.

Remember to always fly safely and follow the rules and regulations set by the  aviation authority in your country.

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