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What You Need to Know as a Drone Beginner

What You Need to Know as a Drone Beginner

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Drones are usually made for recreational purposes, but they’re also used for professional aerial photography and video recording, to carry goods, to inspect buildings and industrial facility, to track wildlife, and also could be just a flying toy for different players. It’s an exciting time to join the UAV community!
Today, I want to explain some definitions about drone to you guys and I hope you learn a lot through this passage. 
Drone Portrait
First, let us talk about its composition. A complete drone consist of a power source, such as battery or fuel, battery charger, motors, propellers and a frame. Inside the drone body, there are some power wires, flight control board, Electric Speed Controls (ESCs), main board and so on. And the radio transmitter and receiver are necessary. Some toy-level drones are less complex parts inside the body.
Drone Parts
* Frame: The frame connects all of the other components. There are different material shell of a drone, plastic, metal or both combination. The drone may be shaped in either a triangle, quadrilateral or some like round. If you DIY your own quadcopter, you may consider the size and weight of the frame and how it will affect your flying experience.
* The Radio Transmitter: It is also called remote controller. It is connecting the signal with your drone receiver. And the receiver is the antenna built in the quadcopter that talks to the remote control. When you operate the transmitter joysticks or function buttons, the receiver is what understands that adjustment and sends your order to the rest of the quadcopter system. That the reason why you can control your drone by transmitter.
* Propellers: A quadcopter has 4 propellers, and each one helps determine which direction the quadcopter flies or whether it hovers in place. 
* Battery: The battery is the power source for the whole quadcopter. You cannot fly your quadcopter without a battery. And you need to pay attention the remain power of your drone battery, which determines how long you can fly your drone. 
(We suggest buying extra batteries. This way, you don’t have to wait for the first battery to get fully charged in order to take more flights.)
* Motor: The motors spin the propellers. One quadcopter needs four motors, each motor powers a single propeller. The higher the KV, the faster the motor will run. KV is often quoted in RPM per volt, which means that a 2000KV motor on a 10V supply will rotate just under 20,000 RPM at no load.
* Electric Speed Controls (ESCs): ESCs are wired components that connect the motors and the battery. They relay a signal to the motors that decides them how fast to spin. At any one time, each of your motors could be running at different speeds. This is what lets you control and change direction. It’s all conducted by the Electronic Speed Controls, so they’re very important drone parts.
* The Flight Control Board: It is the “leader of operations”, which controls the accelerometer and gyroscopes, in other words, it controls how fast each motor spins.
Have you learned more about your own drone now? If you like the guide so far, we hope you can browse our website blog as often. And we will provide more exciting content in the future!

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